Mechanics of Hearing, 2008
10th International Workshop on the Mechanics of Hearing
Keele University, July 27-31, 2008



The abstract deadline has now passed
Over 60 abstracts were received before the deadline (November 1, 2007).

 Confirmations of receipt were emailed to all applicants by November 5. 

If you have attempted to submit an abstract, but did not receive a confirmation, please contact Dr. Cooper a.s.a.p. 

If your emails to any address at bounce, try emailing coa02 at keele dot ac dot uk (with the 'at' and the 'dots' replaced by their single-character equivalents, and no spaces anywhere)

Purpose of Abstracts:

The abstracts will be used to draw up the preliminary programme, and are not for the purpose of publication or widespread distribution (the organising committee will treat them as confidential information).


Abstracts should be formatted according to the guidelines given below, and submitted by email to:

Alternatively, paper versions can be submitted to:

Dr. N.P.Cooper, 
School of Life Sciences, 
Keele University, 
ST5 5BG, 

Format for abstracts:

Please send abstracts in plain text format (i.e. as part of the body of your email, not as an attachment).

Above the main body of the abstract, arranged on separate lines as follows, please give:

Abstract title
Presenting author
Corresponding author (if not the presenting author)
Address for correspondence, including telephone, fax or email (if your interest has not already been registered)
Preferred presentation style: Oral or Poster

The body of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Talks or Posters?

Please note that we intend to devote the same number of pages in the proceedings book to all comprehensive studies, whether presented as talks or as posters, and we intend to schedule 2 hours every day for poster viewing (with all posters being on display for all five days).

If you have strong reasons to present your work in either format, please make these clear in your abstract.

The organisers will do all that they can to satisfy each individual's preference, but reserve the right to balance the programme if and when this proves necessary.


The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is November 1, 2007. 

Confirmation of receipt:

Confirmation of receipt of the abstract will be sent within three working days (by the fastest route available). Should a confirmation have not been received within 10 days please notify Dr. Cooper by regular mail (or email).

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